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On never being fixed.


I am a woman who has always been driven to become my best self. The self whose healed the wounds caused by careless loved ones, or broken promises, violations, aggressions, oppressions. My favorite mantra has been taken from the vision statement of my most profound teacher, be present inc,. I have always strived to “know myself outside the distress of oppression. And I can say I have met that self and I love her and want more of her to emerge. Though the space between that divine woman and this sweet being is closer than it has ever been the distance is still daunting and today I’m wondering if the two will ever be one.

My humanness is so rigorous and practiced. I was sitting today watching the ease by which a friend interacted with a group of powerful people. And I envied that ease that felt so natural to her and I thought to myself I don’t think I can ever be healed enough to ever be at ease like my friend. (Mistake #1 comparing my journey to another’s)

There are things I want to master in this lifetime like relationship and intimacy but are the wounds to deep?

I listen to the quiet star-dust whisper inside…


You can not force things to heal. You cannot read it into righteousness, paint it into oblivion, wish it into recovery. Wounds begin to be healed with the simple act of believing it can be done and aligning every action towards the task. People generally don’t want to heal because it is a painful process. And fixing is very different than h

ealing. I am a commitment to continuing to align myself with the deepest he

aling I can manage.  I will worry less about what I don’t have mastered and more on the loving kindness of each moment.  if i practice this anything is possible.