Rainbow Unicorn Kitty and the land of Horses


I am a magical creature.ruk2

Always have been.  Came out of the womb other worldly.  Mom said she was amazed at how I never lost my connection to heaven.

I don’t know if we are all born magical.  This is still under my investigation. As a therapist and healer my job is to seek and enhance peoples magic but this culture reflects little of that shimmer.

The status quo seems to make many people happy. Many find it comfortable but some of us have no option other  then to be our weird, glittery, strange, selves.  Of course at first this seems a curse.  I always thought I was an alien just observing how to be human and disgusted most of the time.  And of course I’m/was a nerd, I’m/was awkward, and I’m/was strange.

Much to my mother’s frustration I’ve never had a taste for normal things. Early on I just long to live in a world where it was okay to be me.  I like me.

Now I am the magic whisperer.  At 41 I’ve mastered a lot about being a rainbow, unicorn, warlock, or mermaid in this land of taxes and rent.

Of course like attracts like and I find in my life and work I attract magical beings who are truk4rying to be unicorns in the land of horses.

Let me be clear.  Horses are amazing!  Especially wild ones.  But unicorns need different care and protection.  And if you are a unicorn trying to live the life of a horse you will suffer.  It’s hard enough equipping my unicorn first aid bag knowing I’m a magical being but I have young people come to me every day thinking their crazy when actually they weren’t built of this world but to evolve it.

Humanity on a large scale right now is chaotic at best. If you suspect that you are a unicorn you probably are and in that case heed my advice.  Don’t try to be a horse.  You will never be a horse.  Even if you fake it your horn will always show.  Get you some unicorn friends.  They will be wierdos by horse standards thats ok.  Learn your magic.  Love your magic.  Know how to protect it, heal it, build it.


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